A Feisty 93 year old, The Bench Press Challenge, and Convicted Myself.

(upbeat music) Phyllis Reed. Morning. Morning Phyllis. Phyllis you have a red-light violation on Allens Avenue and Terminal Street. Yes I do. You were viewed on camera. Yes I was. So we’re gonna take a look at it. We don’t have to, I know I ran the light. But we’re gonna take a look at it. Sure, embarrass me. The reason is that if you were past the first stop line I’ll dismiss it. So we’re gonna take a look at it. Okay.
Okay. You were not past the first stop line (chuckles). No. The light was red and you went through it. The light was red, I watched it ten times, could not believe that I did that. Yeah. I will say there was some extenuating circumstances. My mother broke her hip at 11 o’clock the 12th and I had been at Rhode Island Hospital from 11 o’clock until 12:59 or whatever in the morning. I was trying to find where to get onto route 95 south. I was obviously exhausted, couldn’t find it. Your mom was at the hospital? Yes, yes she was admitted and she was operated on the next morning at 8 o’clock but I had been with her for 13 hours trying to get her from the trauma, to the examining room, to her room. I was just exhausted, couldn’t find 95, never saw the light. That’s my excuse but I know I did it. I take care of my mother she’s 93 years old and has COPD. And I was just exhausted. How’s she doin’? She’s home, she was at rehab for four weeks and she’s getting better but she’s a feisty old 93 year old. Mom I didn’t mean that (laughs). (audience chuckles) She obviously did a great job as a mother for you to have such dedication to your mother. Yes. Speaks volumes about her. It speaks volumes about you as well. Thank you. But for you to have those kinds of feeling for your mom, she has to be some kind of an extraordinary woman. She’s a wonderful lady, she’s a feisty old lady, and I’m probably gonna be the same as her if I live that long (laughs). How many siblings do you have? I have a brother and a sister. My brother lives in Virginia and my sister just went through some personal tragedy so they have not been available to take care of her. I’ve been taking care of her now for about two years, two and a half years. I live with her and I go visit my husband (laughs). You visit your husband? We’ve been married 46 years and I go visit him at least twice a week (laughs). Because you’re taking care of your mother? Exactly. What do you think of that Inspector Quinn? That’s pretty amazing, pretty amazing. I just hope my kids will do the same for me (chuckles). Oh I doubt that but. (Phyllis laughs) I don’t doubt it at all. (Quinn chuckles) The kids do what they see. I hope so. You know and what you represent is a very strong. You represent the best of America but you represent a very strong family unit. Thank you. And one of the, I think, one of the sins of this country has been the disintegration of the family unit. So her mother, the way her mother treated her and raised her that’s what she’s doing and that’s what your kids are seeing as well so that’s what’s gonna happen. ‘Cause you’re setting the example, you’re setting a real good example. Thank you. I think based on the circumstances you gave me it was at 1 o’clock in the morning, there was not traffic on the roads, she went through the light, I’m gonna give you a break on it. It’s your first violation the matters gonna be dismissed. Keep taking care of your mother. Thank you, I shall. I’m gonna be checking on you. That’s where I’ll be going from here. You’re going from here to there? Yes I am. Good luck. Have a good day. 95 south is if you go straight out you’ll hit– (entire courtrooms laughs) Have a good day. First of all I would like to agree with Judge that by taking care of her 93 year old mother Phyllis Reed does represent the best of America. I also thinks she represents a role model that more wives, like my wife Colleen, should try to emulate. Phyllis lives with her mother full time and visits her husband twice a week. I know that arrangement would take a selfless sacrifice on my part but it’s one that I’m willing to make in order to preserve our strong family unit. I’ll even help you pack honey, it’s just the kind of guy I am. Selfless. Me. (upbeat music) Good morning Mr. Briar.
Morning. Alright you’re charged with going through a red light on Prairie and Thurbers is there anything you want to tell me about this? No I thought I was here for display of plates, that’s news to me. No you’re here for going through a red-light on Prairie Avenue and Thurbers Avenue. And this is a mandatory hearing because you have three violations. Can I get it dismissed on my good driving record? You don’t have a good driving record. Can I get it dismissed on someone else’s good driving record? (chuckles) Him? He seems to be helping everybody out today. Well let me put it this way, let me ask you something, before I make a decision on what I’m gonna do with the case okay? Because you come here today as a very imposing figure, right? And before I determine whether or not I’ll ask Inspector Quinn how he feels about this, I just want to make a determination on whether you can bench press more than him. You got a bench? (laughs) How much can you bench press? I don’t know like 260. 260? Inspector Quinn he’s above that. Yeah? How much can you bench press? Probably right about that. I mean we got a gym down the end of the hall. We got a gym down the end of the hall, we could figure that out. You ready? Well I mean I’d have to go home and change and you know what I mean drink a power shake and warm up. Yeah probably about a year and a half from now I might be warmed up enough to go. (Quinn and Caprio laugh) How about I bench press Officer Quinn and we dismiss everything? You’re gonna pick him up and do this? (Quinn laughs) We’re not gonna do that I can guarantee you. Okie -okie. At any rate– Gonna have to do that and a rescue. (Briar and Caprio laugh) How do you plead guilty or not guilty? Guilty I guess, I wasn’t even aware I was coming for that but. Alright. I mean if they said I did it I don’t need to get brought up on the screen (chuckles). It’s $86. (upbeat music) Tanya King. Tanya you’re charged with speeding in a school zone on Chalkstone Avenue. I’m wondering about that ticket because in all honesty I leave everyday my house at 5:00 am because I have to be at work at 5:40 something so my babysitter she live in the school area but at that time. So definitely I have to drop off my son everyday between 5:00 and 6:00. Starting at that time I mean I know that it is a school zone but no school at the time. And I don’t feel that I was speeding but I understand that also that nobody is over above the law. So but I understand the ticket. I completely understand it but. (Caprio laughs) But no cars no school days at that time it is like so difficult. Because to be honest I am a hard worker woman, at that time I just want to be at my work and be responsible with my… And to wake up my son at that time every day it is like it killing me. No matter what he goes to sleep early every day. How old is your son?
Seven. Well this ticket was at 6:30 in the morning. Yeah because this is by the time that I usually um– Usually leave earlier. Yeah but sometime it is so difficult. But you were late on this day? Yeah. So you were rushing. Basically yeah. (Caprio laughs) Now I understand good job Judge. Basically no body wants to be late at your, you know like. You just convicted yourself. No it is totally okay, you know but. It’s totally okay? Totally okay because so as I mentioned before nobody should be above the law. Everybody we should be like following. (Caprio laughs) How old is your baby?
Seven. Seven years old?
Yeah. You’re one mile over what we’ve been doing so I’m gonna give you a break on it. I’m gonna give you a break, that was actually a little unfair I sort of had you admit the offense. It was like back when I was a trail lawyer I used to do stuff like that. You know I’d ask people questions and they’d end up convicting themselves so I’m not here to convict you (laughs). You were close enough I’m gonna give you a break on it okay. Thank you I really appreciate it. Alright, you’re a good mother. Yeah I hope that my son think in the same way (chuckles). Well someday your sons gonna make you very proud of him. Yeah I know. Good luck to you. Thank you. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now!


  1. Pass a red light in another country and it will be $800 + 9 points (if you reach 25 points then you permanently lose your driver's license) + removal of license plates for 60 days, meaning you can't drive this car for the next 60 days, nor anyone else + temporary removal of your driver's license for 20 days, which means that you can't drive anything (bike, car, truck, bus, business vehicle) for the next 20 days. If you pay within 10 days, it will be $400 but they still remove your license plates for 60 days and driver's license for 20 days. Pass a STOP sign without properly stopping and you get the same.

  2. Judge Caprio has the biggest heart. And inspector Quinn is hilarious in addition to being kind and just awesome. Regards to both.

  3. In the religion of Islam if you care about your parents will care about your children and the Prophet Muhammad ordered obedience to parents under any circumstances unless you are ordered to involve God

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    Love from India!!!

  7. he is a mensch and more judges should think with their heads and not the by-laws all the time. he is very special.

  8. i can see him talking to a criminal getting them in a relaxed mood and getting them to convict themselves accidently

  9. Best Judge in the world , I wish if we have someone like him here we need more people and judges like you in the world
    Greetings from the middle east ❤

  10. Why doesn't place signs for school zone that only during these times the school zone is enforced. We do that in Michigan.

  11. “I’m not here to convict you.” LOL. Isn’t that his job? I did like this lady, though, she was sweet and was only going 1 over what they’ve been allowing.

  12. Я с Украины и была бы возможность хотела пожать Вам руку, таких мало, Вы честный, мудрый и справедливый человек! В наше время встретить таких людей очень трудно ещё труднее найти среди судей)) Надеюсь Вы переведете это и улыбнётесь 🙂 и Россия и Украины и весь мир Вас смотрит, уважаем, ваши переведённые на наш язык видео везде !👍🏻🙏🏻 Храни Вас Господь, долгих и счастливых лет жизни.

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  17. Judge Caprio seems like a very nice man, but why the hell is the city dragging people into court for exceeding the speed limit by 1 or 2 mph?
    It's tyrannical

  18. I looked after mum and dad till there death .
    I was happy doing it ,,
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