3 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press Strength with Vernon Davis

what’s up muscle and strength I’m Vernon Davis
muscletech athlete today I’m going to talk to you about three ways to increase
your strength on the bench number one tricep pushdown whenever
you’re doing the push downs make sure that you keep your elbows locked in nice
and tight you want to push but also most importantly you want to breathe make
sure you’re breathing the entire time because it’s important to get that good
inhale in exhale because all you’re doing is sending oxygen to those muscles
for the tricep pushdown I recommend doing four sets of ten the second
exercise will be front raise as well as side raise you want to make sure that
your shoulders are strong as well because they all tie in together when it
comes to lateral raise you want to come up nice and strong and then when you’re
going back you want to hold it slowly slowly slowly let it down so that you
can feel that tension you want to feel it you want to feel it working you got
to work those muscles in order to get stronger front raises are identical
to the side raises you want to come up nice and strong gradually let those arms
down the longer you hold the more you’re working number three we have chest flys with a
push the pushes it derives from the bench press but you’re tighter you’re
nice and tight and what this does you’re working the shoulders as well as the
pecs as you’re doing the chest flys you can feel it coming together and at the
top you want to squeeze the pecs together squeeze where people make
mistakes is when they get to the top and they don’t squeeze so make sure
you’re squeezing at the top and when you get to the bottom similar to the bench
press you want to explode up nice and strong there you have it three exercises
to help you increase your bench I’m vernon davis team muscletech see
you next time


  1. This is just a genetically gifted dude that’s also on steroids. He could bench 135 for 2 sets of 10 and he’d see just as much development as someone doing a proper strength routine on that same workout. Anything he does will make him stronger bc he’s on that T. I will say those close bench with the dumb bells (without the chest fly part) might actually help as an assistance lift for more volume. No side lateral raises don’t have enough direct carry over to flat bench to be worth mentioning in a how to raise your bench video.

  2. Actually for you geniuses  the bench press is a compound exercise. That means it works more than one group of muscles. Triceps , biceps , pectoralis major ,  pectoralis minor ,  latissimus dorsi and yes all three heads of the deltoid muscle are engaged during the motion. So increasing the strength in any or all of these muscles will help increase your bench
     press. But its based on your individual weaknesses. Some may have strong triceps and weak pectorals. Some may have weak anterior deltoids and strong pectorals. So what he is saying has validity! Some of these comments are just ignorant !!! Your showing your level of intelligence. Try reading a book on kinesiology , the muscular system or anatomy.  Learn the origins and insertion of your muscles which is how they connect to the bones and other muscle.  For the geniuses who said "what does the deltoids have to do with bench press" . The deltoids stabilize the shoulder joint dumb ass!  As you lay on your back pushing up and lowering
     the barbel the head of your humerus is taking a lot of pressure in the glenoid humoral cavity (look it up) It  stabilizes your arm.  Your elbow joints take a lot pressure too. Its not your chest that stabilizes the arms as you bench press dumb ass. Its your  shoulders. Guess what if your shoulders are weak so is your bench press. I 'll stop here. Do yourself a favor and read a book!

  3. #1 Close Grip Bench

    #2 Paused Bench Sets

    #3 Weighted Dips

    From my personal experience and from training many "weak" individuals, and seeing their results….these 3 are the best for increasing your bench

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