2×4 Sitting Bench – 104

I have been building and selling this particular
style bench for about 4 years now and you can build one too. You can build some to make
money or simply build a couple for your own yard. It features a comfortable 15 degree
back and 15 degree legs. In the link below you will find a full tutorial as well as a
free set of plans. To build this bench you will need eight 8′ 2x4s, about a pound of
2-1/2″ outdoor screws, and some 2-1/2″ outdoor pocket hole screws if you want to secure the
slats from below. To start cut all of your pieces according
to the cutting diagram. You can use any type of saw for this. A jigsaw, circular saw, hand
saw, or in my case a miter saw. Before you begin assembly arrange all of your pieces
so that the good side is down. Next use the pocket hole schedule to drill all of your
pocket holes. This is how we will attach the seat and back slats to give a nice clean look.
If you do not have a pocket hole jig you can simply attach the slats from above with regular
outdoor screws. When putting your leg assemblies together
you will form a parallelogram where the pieces intersect. It is important to put the two
screws along the long diagonal of this parallelogram and not the short diagonal. This will do a
better job at preventing movement. Use glue and two screws at each intersection. To make assembly easier I designed this so
that you can use a scrap piece of 2×4 to space the horizontal members apart. The back support
is attached to both horizontal pieces of the leg assemblies. It intersects the top back
corner and is flush with the bottom of the lower horizontal member. Again, use glue and
two screws along the long diagonal of each intersecting parallelogram. You also need
to make sure that the angle of both back supports is the same. To do so secure the second back
support with just one screw. Place both assemblies together on the ground and make any adjustments
needed. Then finish securing the second back support. Use the 40″ board to connect both leg assemblies
at the base of the back supports. If you used pocket holes make sure that you attach it
with the pocket holes in the back. If not you can simply screw from the front of it
into each of the back supports. Attach the back seat slat first using glue
and screws. If you used pocket holes you will probably need an extension for your drill
for this first seat slat only. If you did not use pocket holes you can simply screw
from the top with two outdoor screws on each side. The spacing in between slats is 1/4″. You
can use a 1/4″ drill bit or a standard wood pencil. I always space the first back slat slightly
more than 1/4″ above the seat slats. For this I use a regular Sharpee marker which is about
1/2″. To me it just looks a little bit better. Again use glue and screws with regular 1/4″
spacing for the rest of the back slats. So that’s it. An easy bench design that is
pretty strong and pretty comfortable. I hope you can make one or two and possibly make
a few extra dollars by selling some. Don’t forget to check out my website for a free
set of plans as well as some other free how to projects. And if you like this type of
project please subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can also follow me on most of the social
networks and the links to those are in the description below. Thanks for watching. And
Good Luck!


  1. I made this bench. I'm so proud of myself and surprised as to how easy. I have only one suggestion I think the seat need to be a little deeper but I'm not complaining, this is my first big project thanks for putting this out there.

  2. I have made 2 of these benches now and every one I made gets better and better. These are great gifts for people also. Thanks so much for your videos!! I have really started putting together my own wood shop. Its a work in progress but it is coming along.

  3. hi jay ,thanks mate, great plans and tips along the way,ive been selling planters and just sold 3 benches, ive used 2×3 tho,cheaper and still great result..All the best…shaun,

  4. I just made this project using a mitre saw and Kreg pocket hole jig I received for Father's Day. I was amazed at how easy it was for even a novice like me to complete. My wife was impressed and I have gotten all kinds of compliments. I have subscribed and have already been all over your website looking at different projects to try.

    Thank you Jay for posting this, I came across it accidentally. My wife was wanting a nice wooden bench and I was searching for one to buy and your video came up in the results. I watched it and you make it very easy to understand so I started researching costs for saws and jigs and the rest is history.

  5. Made a couple of these for my daughter and son-in-law's deck. Made out of pressure treated wood these turned out great. Thanks.

  6. I watched three bench videos and yours is by far the best made video. Well done.I am going to build this bench soon.

  7. Would it be possible to affix this bench to a deck and what would be the best way to ensure it is secure? Thanks!

  8. hello
    im very new to this diy game but i dont seem to understand what the angles of the legs are cut at , i have bought a miter saw to make building this easyer please can you confirm the angles or just help me please 🙂 thank you in advance

  9. Hey jay. Not sure the best way to contact you so I thought I would try on this specific video. Would you be able to tell me what you use to charge for this bench when you were building and selling these. I just need a rough comparison because I'm having a hard time figuring out costs of some of my builds. I feel like I'm under cutting myself.

  10. Thank you sir for your video and instructions sites and plans. I can't say "i nailed it" but it fell into plane after all. the bench is a front bench in front of two windows and my angle was off slightly but cleared the window screens. I've gotten so many components and asked to build and sell but in to time that be a future decision for extra income. i thank you again sir.

  11. Was just watching this one again because I think I may build one for my porch. This video was real good and really informative, and somehow you've grown so much since then. Good job sir!

  12. Awesome benches Jay. Have to thank you for the videos and plans. I built three of them for family members and had a local shop engrave plaques in memory of our grandfather. Your videos are great please keep them coming. I used Teak oil as a finish and was wondering what you use for an outdoor finish?Thanks.

  13. I am a Girl Scout trying to earn my silver award and I am making benches for a community and I will use this video to help me!! thanks!!!!

  14. made eight of these and just might do more soon. will reference this video to save time. thank you for this video.

  15. What kind of 2"x4"s do you use? For example, at my local Lowes, 2"x4"x8' studs are $3.05/each versus their "top choice" 2"x4"x8' lumber at $7.97/each! That's a difference of wood materials cost being either $24.40 for studs or $63.76 especially when try to sell. The stud will be a lot crappier but at about $40 cheaper…

  16. Built this bench this morning took about 2 hours whilst watching the kids. Great video easy to follow appreciate the post. Thanks Jay

  17. Jay,
    Great video and instructions! Thank you very much!

    A question, would you recommend to stain/oil it for better look and to serve more years? If, yes, what stain/oil would you recommend?

    Thank you!

  18. Im only 11 and at my school we ahve this thing called Megablock is where you build a bench for people who has special needs and we also tell storys about why we built the bench for them. I used this idea for my group and now since im done building it everyone is jealous and then they said they wanted to build this bench too so now EVERYONE in our school has at least made 2 of these benches. Oh and if you are wondering where we got the wood we were sponsored by RONA so yea!
    Thank you for the bench design !

  19. I just made this bench as my first wood project ever!! Turned out perfect! So proud of it. Thank you so much for the great video on how to build this!!

  20. Baby-faced Jay.

    I made a set of these benches to go with my self designed picnic table, with a handsaw and electric drill, for our rooftop patio in the western region of Abu Dhabi. And two smaller benches made from recycled head and foot boards. My fellow western expats were amazed. Funny how Liberals react to a little imagination and manual labor.

  21. Hi Jay. I am grateful for your well-documented and easy to follow instructions. My story is that I found an old church pew that was being left in the rain. I salvaged the 11 inch by 7 foot seat and back support. I then sanded down the surfaces with a belt sander and discovered it was two inch thick solid teak. Well, I fine-tuned your design to suit my needs and put together a bench that utilized a 6 foot teak plank bench-seat and a 6 foot teak back support..Having only eleven inches in width to work with I sliced the teak length-wise where it had previously been joined/laminated together. I stained everything prior to beginning my work. The bench seat hangs over 10 inches past each end support. I lowered the height of the back. I repositioned the teak back support up off the bench-seat by 7 inches to give room for the behind when sitting. I'll gratefully send you a photo if you want. [email protected]

  22. Jay,
    Thank you very much for such a great video and plan! Going to do it this weekend.

    What do you think about applying some finish? I am thinking about just 1 layer of Watco Natural Danish Oil Wood Finish. Is it worth it or not really?

    Thank you!

  23. Jay, a question if you do not mind.

    Based on the video these 2x4x48 attached only by one pocket screw at each side (and glue). Is it correct? If you are using pocket screws do you use regular screws at all?
    Some of the pictures on the plan/video showing 2 regular screws on each side on each 2×4…

    Can you clarify it, please?

  24. does anyone know a ballpark price on these what they sell for.i see alot asking but nobody answers.thanks

  25. I built this bench to the exact dimensions that Jay used. The bench is sturdy for sure. Here's the only problem my big-footed family members seem to have with this bench. The front legs have the same 15 degree angle as the back legs. Whenever one of us walks in front of the bench to be seated, someone almost always catches the front leg and stumps a toe or trips. I'm building this bench again, but I'm going to make the front legs with no angle.

  26. I just built this bench today and with the left over pieces from the 8 2×4's i was able to make arm rests to add on this project.

  27. What extension for your drill did you use to screw the pocket hole screws into the first back seat slat. I'm using kreg pocket hole screws and driver.

  28. Great tutorial. I'm looking to build this bench, and have a few questions… what wood was used? Did you stain or treat it for outdoor conditions?

  29. I made one of these benches and I like it so much I plan to make a couple more. Easy to build and sturdy. Great for the garden. Thanks for posting Jay.

  30. Jay, love your channel. I have recently started doing some woodworking as a hobby and I have really been enjoying myself. The first thing I built was from your sawhorse video and I just completed this bench and the outfeed table. Thanks so much for the step by step guides and I plan to buy some of your plans for future projects.

  31. Awesome job, Jay! I am working on making a few of these benches with students at my school. We were thinking about adding a slight incline horizontal portion of the seat. What do you think would be a good pitch? Have you done any with an adirondack type seating angle? Thanks for sharing your ideas with the world!

  32. Done! This was very helpful. next steps sanding and weather staining it. I will be making a second one and adding a planter box to the back as we are putting them through the property and in the garden.

  33. I love this bench. My wife and I build Rustic Furniture & Decor to help out Disabled Vets, Police and Firefighters. This will be a nice addition to a 48×48 Dining Table we are finishing up for a disabled Veteran in Salamanca,NY. Thanks for the build.

  34. Comment is not on the video it is on the you tube website it really sucks it used to have full screen on side view put not with this new application. I don't think I'll be using you tube much now

  35. Many thanks for a simple and elegant plan. I'm starting my first bench this very afternoon! No pocket jig but it's only for my use.
    I'll post a pic when done!

  36. I just built one of these today! Thank you for such clear and concise instructions! I have no doubt it will last for many years😃

  37. Hello Mr bates, I have a question… Does your 2×4 furniture require glue? I understand that painted surfaces shouldn't be glued. So if I plan on painting the bench, should I use glue? would you paint before or after Assembly, if after how would you reach the the tight spaces like between the slatts, spray?

  38. Jay, I am just reviewing some vids of back then when we were 5 years yunger. Incredibly, this benches and chairs with little or no modifications still are great to have and great to build. people love this benches.

  39. This is such a fantastic little project. Our Girl Scout Troop built this as a Buddy Bench to donate to our Elementary school. My girls had a blast making it and learning a little about carpentry. Thank you so much for sharing this great design!

  40. Hey Jay I built a few of these for my house in Florida and love them. I would like to build a few here in NC. Is there anyway to make them wider?

  41. I built this bench and love it, I've gotten so many compliments on it. I printed the instructions but threw them away 😥. I don't know how to use sketch up, is there any way you could make the plans available in PDF? I have no idea how I was able to print them before. Thanks!

  42. Hi, there. Good video, really inspired me to put hands at work. 🙂
    Tell me, what kind of wood you'd recommend for this job? I see a lot of "Pine wood" being sold, is this OK, as long as it has the right treatment?


  43. Well bummer. The Sketchup plans and the drawings on your website don't match. On the website STEP 2 there are two green pieces that are trapezoids. These are the top cross pieces on each end. On the Sketchup plans these pieces are different. They're not trapezoids (4 sided). Now they're 5 sided objects. Oh well, back to store for another board to remake these pieces. I needed a break anyways.

  44. Built on of these today out of rough lumber, took about 1.5 hours. Great video! Super easy design and directions, looks great. Keep up the good work.

  45. It is 2019 and I just helped my daughter and other girls who are Girl Scouts build this bench. Thanks so much. 👍🏾

  46. Finally a bench that’s easy and and doesn’t cost more than buying a new one at the store. Thank you!!!!

  47. Do you have a simple picture of this with the dimensions? I checked out the website and saw instructions but no simple plans like that?

  48. If I were to extend the legs a bit so I can bury it into the dirt, is that doable, or is there some problem that would arise from that? I’m using this video for my Eagle Scout project and am attempting to put benches where erosion is likely. For this reason, I may need the benches to be more grounded. Thanks and this video was very helpful.

  49. I want my legs longer because i want to make this for my mother. She has difficulty rising from seating that is too low, as she is elderly and has issues with her hips.

  50. I managed to mess up every single step.

    Not one, not two, but EVERY single pocket hole I drilled in the wrong direction.

    I had 48" pieces of wood but it still would've worked – but instead of cutting the 17 and 31 from each piece, I did the wrong ones, so I ran out of wood.

    Set the legs at the wrong angle, so the supports are too short and not flush.

    Drilled, glued and screwed the back support on the wrong side.

    Clamps fell apart halfway into it. Thanks, aldi.

    Then I cut my 48" plank to 40" then realized I already had one. So I ran out of wood again.

    But now it's all done. It's all put together. And its god damn handmade. Theres random pocket holes everywhere, uneven and unflush joints, and random spots of glue. But I'm happy about my "special" bench. Thanks.

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