$2 + Cigarette = Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is a case
ofButts v. Richardson.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Butts, you say
you and Mr. Richardson had a brief
but passionate relationship. That led to the birth
of your son, Quatier. You and your mother, contends Mr. Butts originally
accepted and embraced your son but has since become
an elusive deadbeat who refuses
to acknowledge paternity. Is that correct? Yes, your Honor. Mr. Richardson, you claim Ms. Butts is
a promiscuous woman of questionable
moral standards, who has a history
of attaching herself to whatever man
will take her in. Yes, your Honor. You and your mother, say there is no way you
fathered Ms. Butts child.And you intend to prove thattoday, is that correct?Yes, your Honor.So, Ms. Butts,
why do you think Mr. Richardson
started denying your child? Because Mr. Richardson
is a mamma’s boy. Whatever his mom say,
he gonna listen. At the end of the day,
my son needs a father. Today we get
these test results, he’s gonna take care
of my child. Mr. Richardson? ANTHONY:Yes.Your Honor, I met her
on the corner
and gave her two dollars
and a cigarette and she came back with me. KESHIA: Ooh, he is
lying! So, listen,
I know I got game but I didn’t invent it. The next man
give her five dollars, and what three cigarettes. How you lie?
Like how you lie like that? You gonna take care of mine,
how you lie like that? You lying… JUDGE LAKE: Listen… Let’s get some order.
I wanna understand this. You’re saying Ms. Butts,
your child needs a father. Yes. Quatier is three-years-old. Beautiful little boy. Awesome, amazing. And how many times
has Mr. Richardson seen? Three times. He was a month old. He met me outside. Oh, he’s my son,
he looks just like me. The whole nine months
he was his. The whole nine months. I’ve never said
he looked like me. Said, “Mom,
your grandson is here.” I never said
he looked like me. You’re lying
right out of your mouth. I never said
he looked like me. She just looked at him,
“He’s cute.” Five minutes later,
he goes to her room,
he come back out, “I want a DNA test
cause my mom say he too dark.” That’s ignorant. That’s real ignorant. Yes, it is. It is. But that’s not the only reason I said that boy
was not my grandson. He looks nothing
like his other two children. He looks nothing
like anybody in our family. That baby looks like my baby
when my son was a baby. CLAIRE: No, that’s not true. ANTHONY: I went awayfor a couple of months,
your Honor.
And guess where she was at?I moved on with another dude while she was
7-8 months pregnant. So, who’s gonna,
who’s gonna… I moved on… Wait a minute.
Let’s do this one at a time. Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on. Cause I hear the doubt. I hear
that you all have doubt. And I want
to walk through this so I understand
how we get to a place where a three-year-old-boystill does not know
who his biological father is
and does not have
a relationship with him. So, hold on. When was the last time
you saw him? About nine months ago.
And I see her on the corner. What happened? I see her around the corner
told her to come back with me. I wanted to inspect the baby.
I wanted to see if he looked, he’s nothing like me,
not toes. All my kids
got the same toes as me. All my kids look like me,
he looks nothing like me. And I told her that… TASMIERE: Lies. I told her that… TASMIERE: Lies.You can see
that the boy looks like him.
Sure can…KESHIA:He’s no Stevie Wonder. JUDGE LAKE: Let’s move on.
So… The bottom line is
you really said, “I want to check this out.” You just looking
for a place to stay. I come back,
you with another dude. That’s the fact. You say you saw the baby
nine months ago. And you did that purposely because you wanted to inspect
the baby and you mean it. Take the clothes off. See,
does it have my features, my attributes?
Does it look like my family? Do I see any similarities? When you did that, what did you determine? He looks nothing
like me. Nothing. So, you feel like
he did look like you? Now… Not even a feature,
your Honor. Now… Ms. Richardson
when you look at the picture do you see similarities? I see nothing of my son, I mean… My son has
two children, two sons. By two different women,
but they still resemble him. And after you all
saw the baby, you and your son both agreed we don’t believe,
that’s your child. And he asked
for a DNA test continuously. She didn’t wanna have any. TASMIERE: That’s a lie. She didn’t wanna have
a DNA test. Every time I asked for it,
she says no. She says,
“No, this is your baby.” TASMIERE: You want it
you going to pay for it. JUDGE LAKE: So, now,
hold on, hold on. You just disappeared. Hold on,
let’s get some order,
let’s get some order. I wanna go back
to the pregnancy now. When you found out
you were pregnant, Ms. Butts, did you inform Mr. Richardson? I called Mr. Richardson,
February 14th, 2013. He was with his cousin, I text him want to spend time
with him for Valentine’s Day. He ignored me.
So, I said, “That’s all right “I’ll spend time
with my unborn baby.” He called and was like,
“What.” And I was like,
“I’m pregnant.” He was excited,
“Oh, yeah she pregnant.” The whole nine months
he was his. The whole nine months.
July 4th… And during these nine months was he going
to doctor’s appointment? During the whole nine months
he was in jail. When do you
get in touch with her? You say
by the time you came back, what part of the scenario
were we in? She was about 6-7 months,
right there. I went away
for a couple of months. I went away, you know. I had a crazy past but… You know I changed and
that’s another story. But I went away
for a couple of months. When I got back out,
I’m trying to get in
contact with her cause I remember her
telling me she’s pregnant
and all that. I wanna know
if the baby’s mine. When she said,
“I wanna see you.” She with another dude. That’s gotta be the father. So, you say when you got back
she’s with another guy? Were you with
another guy Ms. Butts? I was, but I was already
two months pregnant. She thought it was my baby,
she would’ve been there… My mom would’ve let her in.
Open arms. And she knows that. TASMIERE: Lies. You with another dude. Lies. We use condoms every time,
your Honor, first of all We use condoms every time. He did say he would say that. Lies, the first time we did it
he held a condom between his index finger
and his thumb. What you’re saying is,
he had the protection with him but you all did not use. He opened it,
but he ain’t use it. He was holding it
the whole time. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And so, when you gave birth…
What happened? Did you let him know?
Was he there? He wasn’t there, not at all. I let him know I gave birth.
I brought my son to him when my son was a month old. When my son was a month old,
he met me outside. Soon as he sees my baby,
“This is my young boy, “Oh, he look just me.” When did I ever say that? You’re lying right through
your teeth, girl. You’re just a liar. “Mom, your grand baby here.” She come out look at my son,
go back in the room. When did I ever said
he’s my boy?
I never said that. I never said that. I always wanted to tell… Hold on, hold on… Hold on… Ms. Butts,
when the baby was born… Mmm-hmm. Did you put Mr. Richardson’s
name on the birth certificate? No, I did not. Why, if you knew
he was the biological father? Because he wasn’t there. I coulda sworn when the woman doesn’t know
who the father is, she leaves it blank. Mr. Richardson,
you brought an exhibit. Yes, I did. Please step over to it and explain it to the court. When the woman doesn’t know
who the father is, doesn’t she leave
the birth certificate blank? And so, this is a sample
of the birth certificate. And you say, “When the woman
doesn’t know “who the father is, you leave
the father’s name blank.” In this case,
she knows who the father is.It’s not my name.So, you’re saying
she put another man
on the birth certificate… Exactly. Yup, the one that supported me
my whole pregnancy. The one that manned up
and did his job. Stepped up and did “his” job. That’s not my baby. And so, hold on. You say that is the same man,
is this correct? It is the same man,
when you came back home. She was already
in a relationship with while she was pregnant? Yes, your Honor. So, it is your assertion that if she was
already with this man a couple months
after being pregnant
that she was… In your mind,
she was with that man before. And he is
the child’s biological father. Yes, your Honor. Now, I understand. Ms. Butts,
why is it you deliberately put another man’s name
on the birth certificate? Because that man I was with… He didn’t take care of me
but he was there for me the whole pregnancy.
Doctor’s appointments. Um, pre-natal care. Everything, he was there
for me through everything. He made sure I was all right
during my pregnancy. Something he
should have been doing. And my son
needs a father, like… JUDGE LAKE:
But you do understand… TASMIERE:
I can put him on the line. My son won’t even know
who he is, for real, for real. Like you want to make my son
Andrew Marquees Richardson. Like, what kind
of name is that? Like no, we’re not doing that. Listen, but you do understand by putting that other man’s
name on the birth certificate, he is now the legal father
under the law. But you’re asserting
that Mr. Richardson is the biological father? Yup. So, you’ve already added
that name. Under the law, that’s the man that is
responsible for child support that’s the man that has
the legal right to see him. Listen, legally under the law. Mmm-hmm. That would be the man
who’d be responsible to take care of the child. And he did. And that’s the person that the state would collect
child support in support of the child from. That’s the man who has the
legal right to see the child. Did you understand that
by just placing his name there that you were creating
this legal father? Not really. You didn’t understand that? Mmm-mmm. In your mind, you were doing
it more out of spite. You not there,
this man is the one that’s there.
I’m gonna put his name. Did he agree
to having his name placed? Yes, he did. Sure don’t… JUDGE LAKE: So, he agreed to have his name placed
on the birth certificate? Yes. Is he still in Quatier life? Yes, he is.And does Quatier say
he’s his daddy?
My son, he doesn’t have a dad. My son said it to me
the other day like, “I don’t have a dad, Mommy,
you’re my Dad.” A three-year-old really
come to me and say that, “I don’t have a dad,
Mommy, you’re my Dad.” I was ready to cry… Really, you acting
like a child. You brought this baby into
this world that you so wanted. You tried to name this baby
Andrew Marquees. What kind of name is that? Man, listen, you will be sorry
when these results come back. I didn’t know my father
growing up like this. That’s not easy,
it’s not cool. Especially for no little boy. Everybody needs a father. Boys need their father,
he’s three-years-old. My baby is growing up. By the time he get in his
he will know everything. He gonna be, getting sharp
on these things. Sharp he gonna miss
the whole lot. A whole lot. And that bother you. It does bother me. Cause my baby is
a phenomenal kid. Smart, intelligent. Personality is amazing. Just look at him,
he’s an amazing kid. He’s dumb
not to be in his life.You dumb not to be
in his life.
That’s an amazing child,he will bring a whole lot
of joy to your life. You got a bad day,
knows how to bring you up. And so, listen, does he remind you in ways
of Mr. Richardson? Yes… He does, you say that with… Yeah, the nasty attitude. I don’t have arched eyebrows. Looks nothing like me. Anthony has… So, you say, you feel like
he has his personality? TASMIERE: He got that dorky… …slow thuggish walk. What is a dorky
slow thuggish walk? I don’t wanna be hard.
He walks like that. Ms. Butts, can you
show me this walk? I wanna know. This… That like… Come on, man. You don’t even know me. How long
were you two together? I met her that first date
and I hit that first date. Unprotected that first date. Unprotected that first day. We never talked about
being in a relationship. She don’t know me. Lies. She knows one part of my body.
That’s what she knows. And I put
a condom on every time. No, you didn’t.
No, you did not. JUDGE LAKE: So, wait a minute. …nine months ago.
You did not. Ms. Butts, since we are
inPaternity Court,I have to
ask you this question in addition to Mr. Richardson,
were you in a sexual relationship with
someone else at that time. No, I was not. So, at that time you assert
that Mr. Richardson was the only man you were… The day I met Mr. Richardson, I sat at his house
for like a whole week. I was at his house for a whole
week from the day I met him… That whole week
I stayed at his house. Whole time,
we was knocking boots. (SCOFFS) I’m good, I gave her
two dollars and a cigarette. So, the next man
come along give her four dollars
and two cigarettes. That mean, you know,
she going with him. You got a baby off the deal. You got a whole baby off
the deal, a phenomenal kid. The baby is awesome. Anybody would wanna
be his father. Anybody would wanna be
his mother. Every time my son
is around somebody, that person gravitates
towards my child. Because my child’s got
a big heart. He an awesome kid. He’s awesome. He an awesome kid. Ms. Gendy, I can see
this really bothers you. It does, it really does. Because at the end of the day,
it’s about him. Not him, not her, about him. And that little boy
needs a father. And it’s time to man up. Like I said
Ray Charles
or Stevie Wonder can see that he looks
just like you. They can’t see. They can see that. Let’s do it, let’s do it. Let’s do it, let’s do it. You know what? I think I’ve heard enough.
Jerome… The envelope, please. CLAIRE: Please. Here you go. What was that reaction? I wanna know,
I really wanna know. I love children. And I take care
of my little grandchildren. And if he’s ours I would
welcome him into our home. That’s not a problem.
I just wanna know. I have been… You never welcomed her
into your home, but… JUDGE LAKE: Well, we have
done the test. Thank you, your Honor. And we have the results. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case
ofButts v. Richardson,when it comes
to three-year-old… Quatier Butts… It has been determined
by this court… Mr. Richardson… You… …are the father… (EXCLAIMS) (TASMIERE EXCLAIMS
INDISTINCTLY) Look at my handsome baby. You look just like him. (EXCLAIMING) Do you need my glasses, sir? He looks just like you. Thank you, Judge Lauren Lake. Where is the baby? Well, I was just about to say. Mom, grandmom, as long as
it is okay with you. I see tears of joy. KESHIA: I think my grandson
deserves an apology. Listen, listen, listen… Before we get off
on the wrong track, let’s stay on the right track. Can Quatier see his daddy
and his other grandmother in my chambers? Yes, he can, yes, he can. CLAIRE: Thank you. (WOMAN EXCLAIMS) JUDGE LAKE: Court
is adjourned. All right. (APPLAUSE) CLAIRE: Aw! Mr. Richardson? Yes, where is my boy? Are you ready to see this boy? Yes, I am. Quatier… Hi… (ALL LAUGH) Here’s your boy. CLAIRE: Hi, say, Daddy. Look… Daddy. Say hi to your dad. That’s your dad. You say, “Hi.” His cousin
is going to love him. Fun boy, yeah… So, listen… This is going to be
our new reality. Yes, it is. Right? You all are family connected
with this beautiful spirit. And now it’s important that
we live up to this moment. The joy in this moment. The limitless possibilities
of this moment. You’re very blessed
in this moment so is he.
Quatier… Congratulations. I’m so happy for you. You had a good day, right? Yeah… I’m so glad
you came to see me. Can I have a hug
before I go? Can I? Oh, need it, I need it.


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