11 Year Relationship And Wedding Called Off Due To Paternity Doubt (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Greenhouse v. Thompson.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Greenhouse, you summoned
Mr. Thompson to court for a DNA test for
your 7-month-old son, Gei. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You claim
he has neglected
his responsibilities as a father since you
called off the wedding
last month. GREENHOUSE: Yes, Your Honor. Additionally, you’re also suing Mr. Thompson
for $750, the amount of the down payment you put on a vehicle for him. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Thompson, you claim, Ms. Greenhouse confessed
to having sexual intercourse
with another man one week before
you reconnected from a break. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You say
it’s impossible that you are
her child’s father. Yes, Your Honor. Now, your mother,
Susan Thompson,
is here as well, and also questions
the paternity of this child. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Greenhouse,
first to you… You were gonna marry him
and then, now,
he’s denying your son? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Explain. Oh, well, I was gonna
marry Gregory. We were dating for 11 years,
off and on… I have a 4-year-old son
by Gregory, and I also have
a 7-month-old by Gregory. I called off the wedding
because Greg, he’s insecure, and he’s, uh, disrespectful.
And I don’t wanna marry
someone like that. After 11 years,
you just figured that out? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) GREENHOUSE: No, it’s like… No, we were together
for 11 years off and on
but I had my 4-year-old son. Right, uh…
I went off to college, right after I had
my 4-year-old son,
I got pregnant.We tried to make it
work there.
And between the four years
after my son was born,
we tried off and on,and it still hasn’t worked out
and I just finally
got tired of it.
Every time I turn around,
it’s, “You messing
with this person. “You’re sleeping
with this person,” but Greg dropped me
off at work, everywhere I go,
he has my phone, he dropped me off
and picked me up. So, where’s the time
to cheat on you with? 11 years you’ve invested, and now you feel like
Gei is not your child? Out of 11 years, eight of them, I was the one
trying to keep this together, when it always fell apart,
because of her. How, if you’re always
accusing me
of sleeping with somebody? Because of her,
her family and all the rest. You’re not in a relationship
with my family, you’re in
a relationship with me. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That’s what I was trying
to figure out. But, why do they
always come up? Why do they always come up? So, how does
your mama, this one
and the other sister… Why do they always come up? How does everybody think they got more authority
over me and mine? How? How? GREENHOUSE: I separated
from everybody… Explain to me
what’s going on here.
I’m not understanding. You’re saying her family
caused the rift as well? THOMPSON: Me and Gei,
we weren’t even together… GREENHOUSE:How come you
stayed in my house…
THOMPSON:I was going over…THOMPSON:Afterwards…When, uh… JUDGE LAKE: Hold on,
Mr. Thompson, so you’re saying when you made Gei, meaning, you are Gei’s father,
you believe? Or you… THOMPSON: At the time we…
At the time we conceived him, or suppose we conceived him,she was still having sex
with multiple partners.
That’s a lie. You asked me
who did I have sex with? It’s not… It was never
multiple partners. It’s not a lie. So don’t ever
come at me like that. You asked me,
who did I have sex with? It’s not a lie. I told you two weeks prior
that we had sex. What’d I do? What’d I do? That I had sex
with somebody else. What’d I do? I went through
your phone… Two weeks prior. I went through
your Facebook… Two weeks prior. Every… It ain’t no
two weeks. Two weeks prior. She testified
two weeks before, and you’re questioning
that time frame? If so, how? Like I said, around that time,
we weren’t together. We were seeing each other
a little cordially, here
and there, but not really. But we were sleeping together,
Your Honor. I guess it was around… I can’t remember
exactly the time
it was around. But when I came,
and everything happened, even with leading up
to that time, I’d already confronted her, and she admitted
out of her own mouth, out of the pictures,
the texts, the phones, the messages,
everything… GREENHOUSE: What pictures? What pictures? Everything… Everything
I presented to you, everything I showed you… When did you present
this to me? GREENHOUSE: We were a family. Everything…
We wasn’t a family.Everything I show her,
she’s told me
and admitted to it on her own.
everybody to be in
a relationship with you,
so, how’s it a problem? That’s a lie. JEROME: Ma’am? Ma’am? The question was asked to him. Okay. Mr. Thompson, you said,
you were the one trying
to hold this family together, for eight years, you said? Eight out of the 11. Every time, I brought this
back together, and she used to say,
“Dean, you’re only with me “or you’re only trying
to keep this together because
of SJ,” which is my first boy. THOMPSON:And uh… (SIGHS)GREENHOUSE: That’s a lie.
That’s a lie.
THOMPSON:Look here…GREENHOUSE: And so, we was
only together because of SJ? This is what you told me
most of the time. I told you that? “You don’t really wanna
be with me, Greg.” I told you? Greg. “You’re only with me
because of SJ.” I told you that? To a major extent, yes. Because of my son…
The all-American way,
your mama, your… The original mom and dad,
you raise your kids together. If it don’t work,
it don’t work. But I tried my longest
and my hardest. Why do you go back to him
over and over again? Because, Your Honor,
I love Greg. I’ve been
with Greg for 11 years. Greg was my first
actual boyfriend. I planned on having
a wedding with this man. I have two kids by this man. I planned on living my life
with this man. Well, Greg talking about
my family, when I was pregnant
with my son, me and my family
had altercations, fell off, I didn’t talk to my family
for months at a time. When I moved out
of my sister’s house and moved
into our own apartment, I had no communication
with my family. THOMPSON: That happened once. You did that once. That shouldn’t even
be brought up in this. These are the main
worries we have,
to draw your relationship to the ground. What do they got
to do with this? You keep living in the past. I’m not living in the past. GREENHOUSE: You are. I’m moving on, baby.
I’m trying to figure out
if Gei is mine. JUDGE LAKE:Greg, and so,
you say, her family
has interfered. How? When we in the dirt,
and we struggling, and we come up a little
here and there. She giving money to her…
Her mom and everybody else. We don’t have… But when we in the dirt,
my mom gave me money. My sister gave me money. We don’t have it.
We don’t have it. You give your mama money. Your sister, brother, money. THOMPSON: I’m here
about the baby, man. Your Honor? Yes, Ms. Thompson? Greg doesn’t give me money. If anything, when they fall
on hard times,
I help you out with rent. You have never called Greg
asking to borrow $20 into another…
That’d hold you over. Never. THOMPSON: No. You know what, Christen? If I have, I’ve given him
millions, I should have
something in his pocket… GREENHOUSE: Okay,
what’s the problem with me
giving my family? I should have something… What’s the problem with me
giving my family? SUSAN: I’m not addressing
your family. Okay… What I am telling you… He gives you money. And what I’m telling you
why you frowning, is, when it’s all
said and done… He gives you money. I helped them
as much as I can, with rent,
you know it, lights… Car payments,
whatever they need… Whatever I can do to keep them
a family together, I will do. SUSAN:I’m not up and all…It’s all about the kids.
It ain’t even about
all this riffraff.
Get to the babies,
get to the babies. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So, this doubt that you have, comes from the
two-week-before incident? You think this two-week,
uh, relationship, was something that continued? Around that time,
like I said, she was talking
to multiple guys, and she’s admitted.
And then like I said… GREENHOUSE: Before we had sex,
like I told you, I had sexual intercourse
with somebody else. She said a week. GREENHOUSE: Two weeks. When everything hit the fan, it was a wrap. Two weeks. No, two weeks. What do you mean?
When you say, “When everything
hit the fan, it was a wrap.” What do you mean? When we…
When we started breaking up, or when our problems
start building and piling up, it wasn’t much that
we could do, ’cause I
already got my doubts. What I’m trying
to understand is,
if she admits to you, that “While we were off
I slept with someone,” and then you decide
to get back together… You… You know this, right? This is not a surprise to you,
that she was
with this other person?But you’re saying that’s what
makes you have doubts
about Gei’s paternity?It’s everything
around that time, and… JUDGE LAKE: Because
around that time, she was sleeping
with someone else? Exactly. Multiple. If you had doubts,
you should’ve brought that
not seven months later, when my son
is seven months old. Don’t bring doubts seven
months later. He signed his
birth certificate. Matter of fact, Your Honor, when we were in the hospital,
Greg asked me about… Can I… Can I approach that? Yes. Okay, can I go
show you this… Come on, come on. Yes, yes. When I was giving birth
to my son in the hospital, Greg came to me and said,
“What name do you want? “Do you want ‘G-e-e,’ ‘G-i-e,’ “or ‘G-e-i?'”
And I said, “G-e-i.” And that’s my son name.
My son is, uh,
Gei Joaquin Thompson. Everything is extra with you. GREENHOUSE: It’s not. I didn’t do neither one
of them at the time. I told… Okay, you didn’t do that
in the hospital
on the whiteboard? At the hospital, with me
and you, you didn’t do that
on the whiteboard? THOMPSON: Like I said… On the white board,
you didn’t do that? When you came out,
she know I said something
about him. He darker than my first boy. GREENHOUSE: What about
at the hospital? (STAMMERING)She noticed…
She noticed, this is not
the first time it came up.
When she…
When she contacted me.
him in the hospital,
when we were… Mr. Thompson, did you help
choose the name? THOMPSON: I did. Yeah, I chose the name.
I came up with it. And you were at the hospital
when Gei was born? I’ve been with her
the whole time
she was pregnant. And you signed
the birth certificate? GREENHOUSE: Yes. THOMPSON: I’ve been with her
the whole time… Can I speak? That she was pregnant. Before we signed
the birth certificate, I asked him if he wanted
a DNA test, he told me, “No.” JUDGE LAKE: You’re saying, you did, in fact,
help choose the name? THOMPSON: I… I did help. Ms. Greenhouse has suggested that she asked you
about a DNA test, and you declined. I said something about it, and she said, “They said
they’re not gonna
do that here.” GREENHOUSE: That’s a lie. That’s what she told me. They don’t do a DNA test
in a hospital? And so, Ms. Greenhouse,
you said you have a witness, that can testify that,
in fact, he did deny wanting a DNA test? GREENHOUSE: Yes, Your Honor. Please stand, ma’am. Step up to the podium. GUNNELS: How’d you do
this morning? Hi, my name
is Shawnta Gunnels, I’m Christen Greenhouse’s
youngest sister. I’m only here because
I was there during the time they,
Chrissy and Greg,
rekindled their relationship. You’re saying, you were there,
and you overheard something as it related to
Mr. Thompson not wanting to have a DNA test? SHAWNTA: Yes, ma’am. What did you hear? When it came up to them going to the hospital
to have Gei, Chrissy was talking to Greg
over whatever…
She was like, “Hey.” “Make sure,” right before
they brought in the paperwork, the affidavit stuff. She was like, “Are you sure
you wanna do that?
We can get a DNA test.” Greg said, “Man, shut up.” Like he was excited. Like,
“Man, shut up. For what?” That’s exactly what he said. JUDGE LAKE:
And you heard that? I was on the phone with her. All right. Thank you so much
for your testimony.
You may be seated. Mr. Thompson,
what other doubt do you have? When I got my 4-year-old son
back not too long ago, he going, out of nowhere, out of nowhere,
Your Honor, he telling,
“That ain’t my daddy.” But you got
a whole girlfriend, so, what am I doing now? “But that ain’t my daddy,” Why do it matter? I asked him, “What are you
talking about?” I said, “Who?
Your mama boyfriend?” He said, “Yeah.” What you mean is, you felt like he was saying,
“It’s Gei’s daddy “but it’s not my daddy.” “It might be Gei’s daddy,
but you my daddy.” Is what he’s telling me. So, I call her,
I just summed it up…
You shut up. Mr. Thompson,
let’s be respectful to ladies. Now, see, that’s his problem.
He’s disrespectful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Ma’am, ma’am, ma’am, ma’am? Okay, let it go. I’m gonna escort you
out of the courtroom if you
open your mouth one more time, before you’re addressed.
You understand me? Yeah. Thank you. You stay there
and please be quiet. So, since Gei has been born, what has Mr. Thompson
done for your son? When we were together,
financially together, he will… Together, we’d put
our money together
and buy diapers and wipes, but as far as clothes
or anything, Greg hasn’t
bought Gei anything. We’re not together,
’cause when we’re
not together, she got this high-power,
and wanna sit
on the high horse, and think she gonna run me,
or make me do some… A baby needs formula,
a baby needs diapers… Just like when I was… He don’t move on your time. THOMPSON: I give you
the world. I give you the world.
They know that.
Anybody know that. I did it for her kids,
I did it for her sister’s son. Don’t lie!
Don’t sit here and lie either. JUDGE LAKE: All right. ‘Cause I’d have fed you. JUDGE LAKE: All right. GREENHOUSE: And she’d have
fed you. THOMPSON: She fed me. JUDGE LAKE: All right. I fed all y’all. GREENHOUSE: Okay, yeah. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (VOICES OVERLAPPING) Ladies, ladies, ladies,
ladies, ladies. Ms. Thompson, I’d like to hear
your testimony, but can we just talk
one at a time? SUSAN: Yeah. Why does this doubt exist?
Did your son speak to you? Do you have a doubt
of your own? Gei does look
exactly like Chrissy. He does. JUDGE LAKE: SJ? This boy has
a extra large head, his daddy do, his brothers do, he don’t have it. And that
might sound a little crazy,
a little harsh… You know what I’m saying?
But I’m just being honest. As far as him
not taking care of his child, Greg is a darn good dad. He… He… Be quiet. (THOMPSON MUMBLING) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) He really is. He really is, Your Honor.
And she’s a good mother. Don’t get me wrong. But when they get
into this little squabble, “He’s yours,”
“He ain’t yours,” I don’t have time for that.
I’m only concerned
about the child. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: All right. Ms. Greenhouse,
you have a suit? You’re asking the court
to award you $750, because you say
you made a down payment
on a car, for Mr. Thompson,
am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. Did you bring any receipts? Yes, Your Honor. That would validate
that claim? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Let me
see that please? So, this is a receipt
for a deposit,on a Chevy Impala, 2008,for $750.GREENHOUSE:Yes, ma’am.You’re saying you put this
down payment down on a car, for him. I said… No, not for Greg, for our family at the time. You believe there was
an agreement that he would
pay you back? GREENHOUSE: Yes, because… Do you have evidence
of that agreement? That he would pay you back? No, no. No, ma’am. Mr. Thompson, did you agree that you were gonna
pay her back, the $750? She never paid me no…
She never gave me 750, she didn’t go in there
and do it, I did it. You’re saying
you paid the $750? Yes, Your Honor. And you’re saying you paid
the $750? I paid it with
my income tax return.
Yes, ma’am. Without any proof, as to where
that money came from, I can’t award you $750, because there’s no proof. You said, you testified,
just a moment ago, that the car wasn’t for him, the car was for your family. GREENHOUSE: Mmm-hmm. For that reason,
I have to deny your claim, judgment for the defendant.
All right? GREENHOUSE: Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE:
Let’s move forward. So, regardless of what
the results are today, you all still have to
figure out a way to interact and get along,
respectfully. THOMPSON: Your Honor,
I really wish I could, my 4-year-old boy,
I’d keep him and I’d do
the world for him. And uh… GREENHOUSE: But I constantly,
I keep telling my son, “You’re disrespectful.” Shut up. When I call… When I call to talk to my son,
it’s a problem. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Thompson, the way you’re speaking
to women is disturbing me. SUSAN: Yes. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: All of this
is disturbing me. You have a mother,
a strong mother, you would never want anyone
to tell her to “Shut up.” He talks to her like that.
Well, you do. THOMPSON: No. I talk to you like that? GREENHOUSE: You do. Yes. We ain’t here for me. GREENHOUSE: Okay, right. I can take care of me.
Trust me. GREENHOUSE: That’s the truth. GREENHOUSE: That’s fine… SUSAN: Trust me. And I take care of mine… SUSAN: You know that. (VOICES OVERLAPPING) SUSAN: I’m just saying… GUNNELS: When can I speak,
Your Honor? Please! JEROME: You already
had your chance. She shouldn’t have been here,
speaking at all. SUSAN: Shh! These poor children. They… They… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) How can you grow up like this? SUSAN: Exactly. SUSAN: Exactly. Exactly. You all are zero to
one million. I mean, just popping off. Would you like the results? GUNNELS: Yes. I have them. GREENHOUSE: Yes. Yes, shut them up. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Shut them up. he don’t have it. In the case of
Greenhouse v. Thompson,
when it comes to
7-month-old Gei Thompson, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Thompson, you are the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You are the father. I feel more relief.
Than I had when I didn’t. GREENHOUSE: For what?
You knew this from jump. You knew this from jump. You knew I had doubts
from jump. Everyone’s entitled
to their beliefs or doubts, but my whole thing is like,
“Don’t doubt my son, “when I break up with you
’cause you’re disrespectful.” I told you this
when we were together. No, you did not, Greg. I told you, he was too dark. He didn’t have my head. My son is… He was lighter, my first son. Kids don’t always
look the same. They don’t! (BANGING WITH GAVEL) And this is what I’ve got
to deal with. Let’s have some order. Y’all can’t do this. You all said you’ve been
together for almost 11 years,
on and off? THOMPSON: A pain. Now you’ve made two children, and brought two children
into this world. It’s like they in
a horror movie. (GUNNELS EXCLAIMING
for a child. For whatever y’all don’t like
about one another, you keep ending up
in the bed together, making babies. So, you can open your legs
but not shut your mouth. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) I’m angry here, today,
for these children. Nobody can speak for them. Nobody can say,
“Daddy, don’t talk
to Mommy like that.” Do not do this
to your children. Do you understand? Yes, Your Honor. THOMPSON: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Make this better. Court is adjourned.


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