10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Costco Food Court

At 759 outlets and growing, the whole world
already knows that Costco is all about buying in bulk and saving big. Everyone in the know
takes advantage by getting his or her Costco card. And just like Ikea, this wholesale
retail chain also maintains an in-store or next-to-store fast food court, designed
to hold their customers hostage after walking five miles up and down the aisles, hungry,
spent, and exhausted. So with that in mind, let’s look at ten secrets you didn’t know
about Coctco’s food court. Food Court Access for Non-Costco Members Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a way to
get inside the Costco fast food court for non members. But then it’s limited edition,
so listen closely. Only Costco stores with fast food courts situated on the outside are
open to outsiders. And more often than not, these are the Costco outlets that are located
in warmer countries. There’s no need to be a Costco member. You don’t have to pay $60
for a one-year membership to get inside the fast food court. Just go on in and enjoy.
Costco is found in the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Japan,
Taiwan, Iceland, and Spain. Find the warm countries from this list and spin a win. Or,
you may want to talk the Costco security guard into letting you in but that will definitely
require a lot of convincing power.  Celebrity power might work, too. If you’re a Hollywood
A-lister however, you can probably afford to pay for a Costco membership card. Whole Cooked Chicken At Costco Nobody sells a $5 whole cooked chicken anymore
except Costco That’s right! Not even Wal-Mart, whose whole priced chickens are sold at $6
each. And the going rate for the same item at the big chain grocery stores: almost $8
bucks. So you would be crazy not to jump on a three-pounder-or-over Costco rotisserie
chicken at $4.99, which has been a deep price freeze for decades. And if you think Costco’s
losing money to the tune, you guessed right! They’re losing about $40 million bucks a
year for selling on average 157,000 big birds for the same period. So why the great sacrifice?
The answer is the customer patronage that Costco is getting from all its loyal patrons.
For after walking all those long aisles, it feels like a no-brainer to bring home one
fat, already cooked chicken with you. Are you a bachelor who can finish one whole chicken
before the end of a Star Trek TV episode on your beat-up couch? Or are you a soccer mom
with three or more other hungry mouths to feed? It’s all good. You can buy two Costco
rotisserie chickens without hurting your bachelor or family budget.  Listen: don’t make the
mistake of buying whole chickens from the nearest grocery store. This is the easiest
way to max up your credit card debt! The Healthiest Processed Food? The great Costco, that bulk retail store that
Price Club built in 1976 will never be beat, not even when it comes to your health. In
one episode of the Dr. Oz Show, the great doctor decided to train his investigative
journalism guns on the Costco rotisserie chicken. And guess what, the big bird emerges as the
winner. The verdict: It’s simply the healthiest processed food out there, despite all its
imperfections. Food journalist Mark Schatzker tried to drill holes in the great Oprah doctor’s
testimony–or was it the other way around? At the end of the Costco cooked chicken TV
segment, however, even Mark had this to say. The cooked chicken is still fairly healthy.
In fact, Mark suggests that you could eat your Costco cooked chicken with the skin on.
My mom and Dr. Oz would love to frown on this practice. But the truth is, in the light of
recent research, the fats found on chicken skin are actually mono and poly unsaturated
fats. Now if my gym instructor was right, these are the healthy fats we should be keeping
in our bodies. Still, the fact remains that Costco rotisserie chicken is classified as
processed food. For one, it’s definitely not organic. Here’s what the $5 wonder has that
makes it definitely processed, according to Mark:  MSG, yeast extract, sodium tripolyphospate,
brown sugar and natural flavorings. Nevertheless, if you’re a chicken lover, you can’t go wrong
with Costco rotisserie chicken. It’s simply the best as well as the cheapest out there.
Think about it this way. Why would you buy a KFC 16-piece fried chicken bundle for $24.99
when you can get a whole Costco chicken for $5 bucks. Costco Food Court Food Is Actually Delicious Let’s admit it, those drab, enlarged pictures
with the price tag that are plastered on the walls of the average Costco food court item
can easily steal your appetite. But bear in mind, the prices of all those food items are
simply out of this world. And come to think of it, they haven’t changed for years! Take
it from Joe Avella, a Business Insider straight out of Brooklyn. Brooklyn definitely has a
lot of well-hidden fast food gems according to the late Anthony Burdain of CNN’s Parts
Unknown. But even in this day of blatant bulk buying among Costo aficionados, the saving
secrets have remained secrets all these decades. Consider, for instance, what a measly $12.05
buys you, tax-included, as of 2016.  At this price tab, you get the following: A soft drink,
hot dog, barbecue beef brisket sandwich, and a churro for dessert. This package of
freshly cooked goodies are certainly so much more than the average Big Mac meal. With the
sheer size of the sandwich and the hot dog, you’re getting two Big Macs. The taste of
the the sandwich alone is to die for with all its juicy goodness totally unknown in
the McDonald’s dehydrated fast food cuisine world. Costco’s Food Court Doesn’t Have A Deep Fryer This being the case, expect no French fries
in these parts. If you’re a hater for fries, I assume there’s at least two of you out
there, this is great news for you. If not, consider yourselves warned. At any rate, you
must know by now that deep frying only adds more unhealthy fats to the average fast food
diet. And if you don’t believe this, just consider how a company like McDonald’s got
rid of deep-frying its apple pies. With this in mind, Costco’s fast food trajectory is
certainly going in the right direction. And now it’s time for some calorie counting. A
slice of Costco food court pizza has 700 calories while the company’s famed chicken bakes average
770 a piece on the calorie Richter scale. The slice of Costco pizza will only cost you $2
bucks, while the chicken bake is $3 bucks. So if you’re really strapped for cash and
need to survive on a shoestring budget, the Costco fast food court is definitely the way
to go. Nobody gives out such ridiculously low fast food prices anymore, not even with
the McPick 2 for $5 bucks menu. The Costco chicken bake alone would be enough to surpass
the filling level of the McPick, so that means you’ve already saved yourself $2 bucks right
there. For a family of three or four, the full Costco 16-inch pizza will only cost you
$10. Still hungry? Well you can pull out the Costco rotisserie chicken from the fridge.
And that one only cost you a measly $5 bucks, and that’s a pretty big chicken. Costco’s Hot Dog and Pop Drink Combo As you can see, there’s still a way to beat
the cash registers when you got your hunger pangs going, or the whole family for that
matter. So here’s wishing that there would be more Costco outlets opening soon. The last
time I checked, there’s an even better alternative to the big time bulk retailer’s $60 membership
offer. It’s called an executive membership and at $120 per member, you get 2% reward
on your purchases, among other perks. If you can afford to shell out $120 per year, you
should be good to go, survival wise. For best results, ask your wifey or hubby to split
the cost with you. After all, everybody in the house benefits from all the benefits that
Costco brings. When you can bring down the cost of food, you’ll have more funds for rent,
utilities or the average mortgage. And by the way, when Costco serves hot dogs, it means
the jumbo one, not the teeny weeny type. You can also opt for the Polish sausage with no
price difference. Get as many condiments especially pickles from the designated counter to sweeten
the deal. Nobody will bother you anyway, not even the security guard. Fast Food on a Deep Price Freeze Remember, no other fast food outlet including
McDonald’s can offer you better value, these days. The Big Macs have shrunk and the same
goes for the A&W buddy burgers. But by all indications, the prices for virtually all
goodies at the Costco fast food court will stay the same for many more years to come. With
Virgin Galactic, Amazon’s Blue Origin, and SpaceX’s space programs reportedly going on
a high-flying spree in the next few years, let’s hope and pray that Costco will think
of having outlets on the moon and on Mars. After all, deep space must be better off with
the Costco flagship flying in all directions. When you’re in a position to freeze fast food
prices for this long, Costco can hold the key to space exploration without starving
to death. The only real challenges are how to preserve and how to further shrink the
size of fast food. That last one should be easy. Costco Has a Robot The Costco kitchen robot, which, surprisingly,
doesn’t have a name yet, is the big secret behind the splendid taste of every Costco
pizza. Whether pepperoni, cheese or both, artificial intelligence or AI is already behind
the precise mixture of ingredients in the making of one of the Costco food court’s most
popular products. The use of robots, apparently, is a much better alternative to the French
sous vide method. It avoids the use of plastic bags to heat up the food item at a precise
temperature. Instead, it takes robotic arms to sprinkle the precise combination of sauces
and spices. You might not recognize it, but for sure, the AI technology ensures that every
Costco pizza lives up to exacting standards. Organic Secrets of Costco Fast Food The retail warehouse club that was the first
to realize sales of $3 billion in less than six years has a lot of organic stuff in its
store shelves. But the big question looming in the minds of the organic conscious public
is whether the Costco rotisserie chicken is organic or not. Mark Schatzker categorizes
the whole cooked chickens as non-pastured organic chickens. However, this information
has attracted a sea of doubting Thomases from the health-conscious fried chicken lovers
out there. Nevertheless, the law says that no chickens sold in the United States are
injected with hormones or antibiotics. So you be the judge. If you ask me, considering
that the retail giant isn’t harboring any price increase thoughts? Boy, we all should
be taking advantage. Just consider inflation and your growing family. How can you afford
to feed your loved ones and their frenzy for good old chicken unless you rely on a firm
that can manage to keep food prices down for many more years to come? Some might say that
with the money that Costco is earning from its over 90 million loyal members, keeping
fast food prices down is just a drop in the bucket. Still, any retailer that knows how
to keep food prices low deserves a pat on the back. Rather than scrounging dollar stores
for the cheapest canned goods such as chicken flakes, cooked ham, and ready-to-eat bacon,
you’re much better off health wise going to Costco. At least, you can get the freshly
cooked food items that can satisfy your hunger after shopping till you drop. Undercover animal
welfare activists are always watching out for any foul play in Costco’s chicken farms
in Nebraska. Ikea vs. Costco: Who’s Winning? Health wise, there’s no question that the
Ikea food court sports healthier fast food menus. Some people even argue that the less
greasy looking items over at Ikea are actually more packed with nutrients. For $10 bucks,
you can get a very satisfying meal at the beloved Swedish furniture and home appliance
retailer. And according to my friend who owns a Costco card, ten bucks is enough to
satiate the gigantic hunger of a couple. If you prefer meatballs over chicken, Ikea wins.
Otherwise, there’s a reason why Costco is willing to lose millions to satisfy its teeming
masses of hungry shop-till-you-drop loyalists. Still, a $1.50 hot dog and soda drink is too
hard to pass up when you’re, say, a struggling student trying to control your loans. And
a Costco chicken bake filled with choice chicken breast cuts, cheese, and Caesar salad for
the measly price of three bucks? Who can resist that? And now that Costco has a total of 759
outlets worldwide, the company’s role in the food chain just can’t be denied. Trust
me, if you can afford a Costco card, you can be well-fed for life. So guess what? The real
winners are you and me. No special card required to check out more
of our great videos. Just point and click. And to become an official BabbleTopper, click
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