10 Disney Criminals That Kids ACTUALLY Looked Up To

Kids absolutely love Disney movies and TV
shows and in turn they usually also love the stars who are in them. While a lot of these stars make sure that
they are great role models for the kids who love them, some of them make some major slip
ups. For this list we are taking a look at some
Disney stars who have committed crimes and are not such great role models after all. Be sure to leave us a comment and if you haven’t
subscribed to our channel yet – go right ahead! Before we start can you guess the movie from
these emojis? Stay tuned for the answer at the end of our
video and be sure to keep watching for fun trivia questions and fun facts along the way! Here are 10 Disney Criminals That Kids Actually
Looked Up To Britney Spears
Britney Spears has been through a lot over the years and some people might actually forget
that the popstar actually started out as a Disney phenom as a part of the Mickey Mouse
Club. Britney Spears has been arrested multiple
times and she was first locked up after being involved in a hit-and-run accident where she
was also using an invalid drivers license. The singer has also had multiple stints in
rehab centers and has racked up her fair share of charges for public misdemeanors. All in all, Spears serves as an example of
what can happen to a young impressionable kid who reaches extreme levels of fame too
early. In recent years, she has gotten her act together
and seems to be sticking to straight and narrow path and focusing on raising her kids. Matthew Broderick
Matthew Broderick is probably most famous for his iconic turn as Ferris Bueller and
some fans may not even know that Broderick actually voiced Simba in Disney’s The Lion
King. That makes him a legitimate Disney star, but
unfortunately it also makes him a Disney criminal. Back in 1987 Broderick was involved in a car
crash that actually killed two people and although he was originally facing jail time
he ended up only having to pay a small fine. There is a new live action adaptation of The
Lion King in the works and do you know who has recently been cast to voice Simba? Hold on to your answer until the end of the
list! Robert Downey Jr. Although Robert Downey Jr. may not be the
first name that comes to mind when you think about Disney stars, the truth is that he is
biggest star Disney has right now as he plays Tony Stark AKA Iron Man who is still the centerpiece
of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (one of Disney’s most successful properties). According to RDJ, he has been addicted to
drugs since he was 8 years old, and he was arrested numerous times on drug charges, and
went back and fourth to rehab. Fortunately, he’s been able to turn his
career and life around and actually uses his troubled past to fuel his characters. We think we speak for a whole lot of people
when we say that we are thankful for Robert Downey Jr.’s redemption story! Christina Aguilera
Another alumni of The star-studded Mickey Mouse Club is Christina Aguilera and just
liker Britney, she too has gotten herself into quite a bit of trouble over the years. Back in 2011, X-Tina was booked for public
intoxication and this definitely hurt her image and career. Aguilera was able to find success again when
she became a Judge and Mentor on The Voice, but her status took a hit yet again when she
was in the car with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler while he was being arrested for driving
under the influence. Lately, we haven’t heard much from Aguilera
but she still does have one of the most powerful voices in town so we wouldn’t be shocked
if she made a comeback sometime soon. Phillip Lewis
Most people actually don’t know this actor by his name as he is far more recognizable
as Mr. Moseby from Disney’s hit show The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody (and The Suite
Life On Deck). Lewis’ character on the show was fantastic
but unfortunately his personal life doesn’t shine so bright. The Disney actor has a pretty serious criminal
record as he was charged with manslaughter for killing someone with his car while driving
drunk – not exactly the greatest role model for young kids. Here’s a little bit of trivia for all you
fans of The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody – What actor from the famous Disney show is now starring
on a new Netflix drama? Answer will be at the end! Lindsay Lohan
While she was never a television series regular, Lindsay Lohan was right at the center of a
lot of great Disney movies like The Parent Trap, Life-Size and Get a Clue. As a youngster, it looked like Lohan was on
track to become a major star but unfortunately those plans got derailed when she started
getting in to some serious trouble. Between 2007 and 2012, the actress got arrested
for everything from DUI to cocaine possession, violating probation, burglary and even a hit-and-run. The internet was bombarded with images of
Lohan looking more and more disheveled and the once sought after Disney star transformed
into a cautionary tale. We’re definitely hoping that Lohan can turn
it around, as she is still quite young! Demi Lovato
This former Disney Star has really transformed her image in recent years. Starting out as a nerdy kid on Barney and
Friends and then a happy go lucky teen in Camp Rock, Lovato is now a full-fledged pop
star whose songs are packed with adult themes and racy outfits. While Demi Lovato may not have any arrests
under her belt, she did do a stint in rehab for an eating disorder and what’s much worse
is that she has also confessed to doing heavy drugs with Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas. Eveyrone goes through some tough years, but
when you are a star like Lovato, you have a lot more people watching and that can be
tough! We are happy that she has found herself and
seems to be doing a lot better these days. Shia LaBeouf
Whether you hate him or you love him there is no denying that Shia LaBeouf is an interesting
guy. The actor got his start on the Disney channel
show Even Stevens but as he grew older he quickly shed the Disney persona and started
starring in blockbuster films and bizarre art projects. Unfortunately, Shia was arrested in 2008 for
driving under the influence and he has been involved in a lot of other bizarre stories
in recent years. At the end of the day, the guy is talented
but we can’t in good conscience recommend that parents have their kids idolize him until
they are at least in their late teens. Orlando Brown
If the name Orlando Brown doesn’t ring a bell right away, we understand, as the actor
hasn’t been up to much since his days as a Disney channel star came to and end. The That’s So Raven alum has gotten into trouble
with the law numerous times since his show went off the air in 2007. In fact, that same year, Orlando Brown was
arrested for possession of marijuana and in 2011 he received a DUI while driving with
his girlfriend in Hollywood. Then, in 2012, he was arrested twice for not
completing the conditions of his DUI. This is definitely an example of a fall from
grace and we have to say that Orlando Brown does not make for a good role model for kids
whatsoever. Selena Gomez
Photos leaked online of the actress/singer being hand cuffed and put into a cop car and
they went even more viral because the star was wearing basically nothing but lingerie. Thankfully, it was later revealed that this
was actually part of a video shoot for one of her upcoming music videos. The actress has been to rehab as well but
this was more due to the fact that she was having a tough time handling her then recent
Lupus diagnosis as well as some other tough personal issues. While the real Selena hasn’t broken the
law yet, she has definitely played some characters who have. Can you name the movie in which Gomez played
a law breaking party animal alongside some other former Disney stars? The answer will be revealed at the end of
this video! And that brings us to the end of our list! But what about those trivia questions? Well, here are the answers! Donald Glover will be voicing Simba in the
live action Lion King movie, Cole Sprouse is playing Jughead on the Netlix series Riverdale
and the movie that had Selena Gomez wilding out was 2012’s Spring Breakers. How many of these answers did you get right? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments
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